12 Must Have Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier with Chronic Illness

by Krissy Ward

     Living with a chronic illness means you have to get creative sometimes so you’re able to have a productive day. Here are some hacks that I’ve learned along the way.

1. Pregnancy Pillow


     These aren’t just for pregnant women; they work great to support aching joints and muscles.

2. Pizza Cutter Wheel

     I use my pizza cutter to cut up a lot more than pizza. It’s especially great for cutting up food for the kids. i.e. pancakes and removing crusts from sandwiches  

3. Crock Pot / Instant Pot

     This is great for high pain days, hell any day... Just throw everything in there, take a nap or take that time to do something for yourself, whether it’s a “luxury bath,” catching up on your favorite television show or just hanging out with the fam. Doing this preserves time and spoons (energy).

4. Post it Notes

      Brain Fog... Need I say more? Post its are great for leaving yourself notes and reminders ANYwhere in the house.

5. Social Media


Now, social media CAN be dangerous and toxic IF you let it. Only follow accounts that put a smile on your face. I have videos saved on IG and Facebook FULL of videos that make me laugh on my sad days and keep me entertained when I have insomnia (I know SO many useless facts, it’s crazy). This brings me to my next hack.

6. Netflix/Hulu/Amazon

     Did I mention I have insomnia? Well yeah, i binge watch shows all the time and it helps pass the time. I especially like comedy so I can laugh and not let reality get to me.

7. Fanny Pack

     I have a hard time carrying myself around, so a purse just isn’t in the cards for me. Fanny packs are back in style, so get yourself a few cute ones and keep your essentials in there. Some of the things I keep in there are hacks as well. Things I keep in my fanny pack:

-7a. Tums/nausea pills

     My body be tripping sometimes and I randomly get nauseous for no reason so I have to keep a few on me.

-7b. Phone fan

     This little device right here!! LIFESAVER!! I sweat soooo bad 😩. It’s horrible. But I LOVE this!

 -7c. Cannabis Lotion

     I use rubs when I can identify where the pain is. I have back spasms like a mf & I use a lotion infused with cannabis. That is the only rub that works for me right now, which brings me to number 8.

8. Medical Marijuana

     This absolutely SAVED my life! I was in the ER almost every other weekend. My flares were SUPER horrible. I was bedridden so many times. A nurse at a TMJ Specialists office told me she used it. I tried it that weekend, and I haven’t been to the ER (for chronic pain) since. It almost seems like having chronic pain messes with you more mentally than it does physically... and that’s saying A LOT. 

9. Robot Vacuums

     Let’s be honest, housework is one of the toughest things to do when you have chronic pain. This takes the pressure off of you and you can spend that time doing something you love.

10. Puff Cuff

     My hair is really thick and it hurts to have my arms up for a long (short) period of time, so instead of a hair tie, I use a puff cuff. You just clip it around your hair and boom! instant ponytail.

11. Compression Socks

     I use these specifically when traveling. My feet swell so badly when I travel, so I put these on to avoid any issues and I can still enjoy myself once I get there without feeling like i have water balloons for feet.

12. Video Games

     Yes, I’m a gamer. Well, not quite, but I do love playing video games. (NBA 2k is what I play more often than anything else) This REALLY can be helpful in trying to distract yourself from pain. Not into video games, there are a plethora of games apps on your phone you might enjoy.

     These hacks really help me physically and mentally and it is my hope that at least one of these hacks can also help you. What are some life hacks that you use to make your life easier with a chronic illness?