Dear Healthy Family & Friends

Dear Healthy Family & Friends,

Can you do this for me?

-be thankful you don't have a chronic illness.

-be thankful you don't have to deal with pain every second of your life.

-be thankful you don't have to choose between making breakfast and taking a shower before you leave the house..

-be thankful you don’t have to plan your life around your physical limitations.

-be thankful you're able to cook for yourself all of the time.

-be thankful you're able to do your hair without exhaustion.

-be thankful you can go throughout your day without planning every single detail.

-be thankful you can have a day of fun without needing two days to recover.

-be thankful you can sit or stand for long periods of time.

-be thankful you're able to make solid plans without worry of canceling last minute, because your health is unpredictable.

-be thankful for all the little things you take for granted.

-go out and do everything you want to do.

Because you can.


  • Amen

    Johnnie R Patterson
  • If I could like this a thousand times. The sorry of my life and all fibro family.

    michelle dumas
  • OMG!!! Every word of that is true! Nobody knows what daily life is like but I am thankful my friends and family don’t have to know. I just wish they could understand. Thank you for your support.


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