Depression: Things You Should Know

Depression: Things You Should Know

     Depression is like a cloud that only seems to hover over you and no one else and it can turn dark so quickly that you may not always be prepared for it. Sometimes you’ll have an umbrella and you can stay dry for the most part, but you are still very aware that it’s pouring raining. Other times, you won’t have an umbrella, a hoody or shelter nearby. That’s when the dark cloud turns from rain to hail. It knows that you don’t have any protection and that’s when it’ll try to hit you the hardest.

     Understanding depression isn’t easy because depression doesn’t make sense. That’s why a lot of people don’t understand how celebrities and wealthy people can be depressed. Depression and anxiety can take hold of your mind and will really have you believing LIES! You can be married, wealthy, famous, have the perfect career... the bottom line is... Depression really don’t give a fuck. That’s just what it is. I was literally on vacation, on a cruise and I couldn’t shake it off. It was horrible to feel like I wasn’t strong enough to shake it off even while in paradise.

     Depression, like chronic illness doesn’t look just one way. Depression isn’t always laying in bed all of the time. Depression isn’t always crying 24/7. Depression usually looks like the people who were just smiling in your face probably making you laugh until your stomach hurt. Depression can show up in many forms. Maybe your house is more cluttered than usual, maybe you haven’t been invested in self care, maybe you’ve been over-eating or maybe you haven’t been eating at all! Again, depression isn’t insecure, it shows up to the party looking however it wants to.

     The key to coping with depression is to know your triggers. Sometimes it may not be a trigger, but once you start to learn when, how and why you’re feeling this way, it’ll be easier to manage. Start journaling or download an app. I use MoodPath and it asks me where my headspace is three times a day so it can see if there are any patterns. Granted, I don’t use it as much as I should so it can’t ever get an accurate reading, but guys, I’m a work in progress. I don’t have it all together.

     Another to key to coping with depression is to stay busy. An idle mind is the devil’s playground. Being stagnant is one of the worse things you can do to cope with depression. It allows you to have too much time to think and when you’re in that headspace, the last thing you want to do is have time to think. Get a new hobby or binge watch something funny, get out of the house, just do something.

     Last thing I want to remind you guys is to talk to yourself like you would talk to your friend. You wouldn’t dare tell your friend all of the negative things you tell yourself. You’re worth more than you believe and you’re stronger than you think.



  • DrKIZZY: September 24, 2019

    Idk if you’ll come back and see this @Ava, but I really hope you do. I am beginning to learn that the people who truly love you and want you to do better won’t feel burdened or depressed by you leaning on them (if that’s what you meant, I hope I didn’t misunderstand). They won’t mind you unloading the burdens of your heart/mind/spirit on/with them because that’s the only way they can attempt to understand your struggles and try to help guide you through them. So look out for those people and keep them close. Anyone else who gives a hint of feeling burdened by you needs to be kept at a distance, not only when you’re at your worst but also when you’re at your best. Always try to surround yourself with people who express genuine care and concern for your overall wellbeing, cry with them when you need to and celebrate with them when you can. I know I’m very verbose but I have so much on my mind and in my heart and I just really want us all to be our best selves in every way possible. Hugs and blessings to you @Ava and all who may come across this comment.

  • DrKIZZY: September 24, 2019

    A friend scolded me this morning and told me that when I’m talking to her, I’m not allowed to say anything negative about myself. That was probably the most powerful thing anyone has ever said to me! Mind you, I’ve never met this woman in real life (she is a friend of one of my university sisters that I met on Facebook a few months ago) but she is one of my closest friends (probably THE closest) and I love her dearly! We both battle depression for different reasons and it is interesting how we used to bash ourselves but be quick to lift each other up. She’s in a better place now though, and that is helping me to put some things into perspective. Thanks for the suggested app, I’m def gonna download that. I can’t thank you enough Krissy for starting this community… support from people who ACTUALLY get it means so much more than some people realize and I am grateful for the strength it is giving me at a time when I find myself getting progressively more ill. God bless you!!!

  • Ava: September 19, 2019

    Well put but easier said than done. I’m always afraid I will depress others and surely do not anyone else to feel this hopeless unmanageable pain.

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