My Solo Trip to Thailand

by Krissy Ward

     Well Warriors.... I did it. I went to a different country... a whole other continent by myself. I still can’t even believe the “solo-cation” actually happened.

     Weeks before departure time, my entire family was nervous for me; I wasn’t the least bit bothered until the day it was time for me to board. I had tears in my eyes as I was leaving my mom and headed through airport security.

     When I arrived in Bangkok and checked into my hotel, I found a note in my suitcase from my mom letting me know that I had the tools to over come any challenges I faced. It was a much needed note and right on time. 

     The 12 hour time difference made it difficult to talk to family so that definitely played a part in the loneliness I felt. The evenings were a bit rough at first. The first three days, I was a mess, mentally. I cried so much and I really didn’t know why. It was just lonesome. But inbetween the tears, I had fun and crazy adventures! I rode motorcycle taxis to get around as Bangkok is a BUSY city. They were pretty scary at first, but I actually prefer them as we can snake through traffic. On the fourth day, I woke up to the most AMAZING view in Phuket.  
     I sat outside on my balcony and was just so grateful. I checked off items on my bucket list. I rode on a jet ski for the first time while going Island hopping, I played with elephants and I even pet baby tigers!

     On my last day in Phuket, I decided to go out and have fun. I went to Bangla Road. The first bar I went to had good music, but there was this creepy guy that grabbed my butt so after pushing him off his barstool and causing a scene, I left. I ran into a group of young people who were also celebrating a 30th birthday. They invited to join them. We decided to go to a popular nightclub and had so much fun. It felt like I had known them forever. 

     This solo trip to Thailand has taught me so much about myself. I learned that while its okay to be scared, do not let fear control me.

     My mama was right... I AM stronger than any obstacle that comes my way. I feel more confident. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m learning to roll with the punches. I spend so much mental energy trying to not pay attention to Fibromyalgia that small life challenges seem to easily throw me. But shit happens, and I have to be able to go with the flow. I’m so hard on myself and I need to start being kinder to Krissy. I’ve spent so much time being upset that chronic illness won’t let me have a regular life, but... I don’t want a regular life. Besides, I’ve learned that the grass is always greener on the other side.

     I can’t believe I can say that I spent my 30th birthday on a solo trip to Thailand. Crazy, right?

     I now have the post-trip Blues. It’s time for me to plan another trip. Where should I go next?