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  • Dear Healthy Family & Friends

    Dear Healthy Friends,

    Here's what you can do for me:

    -be thankful you don't have a chronic illness.

    -be thankful you don't have to deal with pain every second of your life.

    -be thankful you don't have to choose between making breakfast and taking a shower before you leave the house..

    -be thankful you don’t have to plan your life around your physical limitations.

  • Guest Blog: Chronic Illness Life Tips

    SO IMPORTANT: Find a healthcare provider that cares and is experienced with chronic pain. Easier said than done, I know, but don't settle for a provider that doesn't care to take you seriously or care about your wellbeing. If you leave your office visit feeling like they are implying it is all in your head, never darken their door again. Advocate for yourself and find a provider that will be in your corner.
  • CBD vs THC: Which One is Right For Me?

         If you’re looking to get into the natural pain relief game, I’m here to help. I will break it all down so you can decide which choice would be a good fit for you.

         Many people are taking the natural route when it comes to healthcare; Cannabis is one of the more popular options for natural pain relief.

         Cannabis, also known as marijuana can be a great alternative to traditional pain-relieving medications. Figuring out which marijuana strain, Cannabidiol (CBD) or tetracannabinol (THC) product is the one for you can be “a bit much”, so let’s see if I can help.

  • Surviving & Thriving a Chronic Illness

         Living with a chronic illness is no walk in the park. When you’re sick with a cold or the flu, you know that eventually, you’re going to get better and life goes back to normal. A chronic illness is very different. It’s 24/7 and most likely may never go away. You have to reframe and redirect your life and thoughts to support a different narrative. Here are some tips to not only help you live a better life with your chronic illness, but help you thrive.


  • Laugh to Keep from Crying: Meme Edition

         I survive being chronically ill by making jokes constantly. Living life with a chronic illness has turned my sense of humor pretty dark. I'm pretty much able to laugh at any and everything. If I don't laugh at some of the ridiculous things Fibromyalgia has done or made me do, I'd be curled up in a corner somewhere, rocking back and forth mumbling "Jesus saves." I hope you all have reached a point where you can laugh at yourself and all of the mishaps that life brings. Here is a list of memes to help you laugh to keep from crying.
  • 15 Easy Ways to Practice Self Care During the Holidays

    For a lot of people, the Holiday season is “the most wonderful time of the year,” but everyone doesn’t feel that way. For some, this time of year can be stressful as some may be experiencing SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), financial issues, or experienced a loss.

         Self care should always be a priority, but practicing self care around the Holidays is a MUST. You can do more for others once you’ve done right by yourself. Remember, you can’t drive other people around if you don’t have any gas.

    1. Remember to Laugh

         Living in chronic pain has made my sense of humor pretty dark to say the least. I can laugh at pretty much anything. Remember this when things aren’t going your way. Sometimes you have to literally laugh to keep from crying.

    2. Create a...

  • The Spoon Theory

         At that moment, the spoon theory was born. Christine quickly grabbed every spoon on the table; hell she grabbed spoons off of the other tables. She looked at her friend in the eyes and said “Here you go, you have Fibro (or Lupus or      any other chronic pain condition)”. Christine explained that the difference in being sick and being healthy is having to make choices or to consciously think about things when the rest of the world doesn’t have to. The healthy have the luxury of a life without choices, a gift most people take for granted.

  • Guest Blog: The Elephant in the Room

         Just like a headache – no one can see it but that doesn’t mean you aren’t having one. Also   no one (except for sometimes you or a doctor) can say for sure why you are getting a headache – it could be dehydration, it could be the heat, it could be a cold, it could be a migraine, it could be sinus, it could be a stress headache, it could be lack of sleep etc., you get the drift.
  • Seek Discomfort

         After being inspired by “Yes Theory”, a movement that encourages people to say “yes” to doing things that take them out of their comfort zone in order to grow as individuals, I decided to book a solo international trip to Thailand. Sounds crazy, right? That’s what everybody in my family is thinking... well everyone except my mom. She already knows I’m crazy lol.
  • Guest Blog: Chronic Illness: The Rollercoaster You can’t Get Off

         Life has been pretty tough to say the least- Rough with definitive moments of wanting to give up- Not just for me but for my family too! If anything, my heart breaks many a day for them because they too have had to accept a 'new normal'. A life with a spouse who cannot hold down a job, not always available for support, and the list goes on and on! A mom who frequently spends days in a dark, quiet, room because the lights are too bright, the noise is deafening and being unable to talk because you just don't have enough energy. I mean who wants a spouse and mom like that! How does one move on from this!
  • Depression: Things You Should Know

         Depression is like a cloud that only seems to hover over you and no one else and it can turn dark so quickly that you may not always be prepared for it. Sometimes you’ll have an umbrella and you can stay dry for the most part, but you are still very aware that it’s pouring raining. Other times, you won’t have an umbrella, a hoody or shelter nearby. That’s when the dark cloud turns from rain to hail. It knows that you don’t have any protection and that’s when it’ll try to hit you the hardest.
  • Guest Blog: Chronic Illness & Masculinity: Men In Pain

    My entire life some days feels like it has been turned upside down. I was the strongest man that I could be, superman to my two young boys, and a big bearded outdoorsman who could fight off bears and make fire with his bare hands; at least that is how good I felt. One of the hardest things that I have had to deal with is being a male, a nontraditional fibromyalgia suffer, and trying to deal with chronic pain with the negative stigma that tells us that men are supposed to be strong and never admit when they are weak. I am here to tell you....