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  • My Solo Trip to Thailand

    Well Warriors.... I did it. I went to a different country... a whole other continent by myself. I still can’t even believe the “solo-cation” actually happened.

         Weeks before departure time, my entire family was nervous for me; I wasn’t the least bit bothered until the day it was time for me to board. I had tears in my eyes as I was leaving my mom and headed through airport security.

         When I arrived in Bangkok and checked into my hotel, I found...

  • 16 Gift Ideas For Your Friend with a Chronic Illness

    As the Holidays are slowly approaching, you may have wondered what to get for that special person in your life who has been dealing with a lot or maybe you want to send this list to your friends and family and give them a little hint before the Holidays arrive. Here are 16 things you can get for your friend with a chronic illness.
  • Seek Discomfort

         After being inspired by “Yes Theory”, a movement that encourages people to say “yes” to doing things that take them out of their comfort zone in order to grow as individuals, I decided to book a solo international trip to Thailand. Sounds crazy, right? That’s what everybody in my family is thinking... well everyone except my mom. She already knows I’m crazy lol.
  • Dating with a Chronic Illness

    Dating is weird in general, the whole getting to know a stranger thing. Dating with a chronic illness... now that’s just a whole different ballgame. Dating never seemed easy; dating while having a chronic illness is especially challenging.

         There are so many different factors that can make dating with a chronic illness difficult and sometimes even scary. When do I tell them? How do I tell them? How much do I tell? How will they respond? Will they “get it”? Will it change the way they see me?

         What I have learned is:
  • How to Live Your Best Life With a Chronic Illness

    1. Acknowledge and accept your limitations.

         13 years of living with a chronic illness and I still struggle with this. Acceptance isn’t something you master and get over, it comes and goes. You can go an entire week being completely okay with your limitations and then BOOM; some thing or event sets you back. It’s important to remind yourself that limits are just that. It’s perfectly normal to get mad or be sad; you absolutely have the right to be, but you must not stay in that place. It’s not good for your mental health. 

  • Ain’t No Stopping Me Now!

    We get there and have to go pick out helmets. I already know my head is big and my hair is bigger, so I knowingly head toward the bigger helmets to find one to fit my big ass head. I find the biggest helmet and I’m pushing it on my head like I was trying to push a baby back up the birth canal. My friend and cousin were both struggling to get this helmet on my head, meanwhile my poor lil curls that I had spent all my spoons (energy) on to look cute for this trip, were getting all smushed and frizzy.