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  • First Date or Worst Date?

    Do you remember your first real date? Well, I can’t forget mine if I tried. While dining with family at Red Lobster, I met a flirty waiter. He was so handsome and his chocolate skin was so smooth and looked even better against his pearly whites. While getting ready to leave, flirty waiter summoned up enough courage to ask for my phone number. A week later, we have our first date.

         First red flag... he had no transportation or access to a vehicle whatsoever, meaning I had to drive. But, I’m 16 and anxious to get this first date under my belt. When I get to his house, I call to let him know I’m outside. Y’all... this was NOT the same guy I met at Red Lobster.

  • Guest Blog: The Unlikely Pairing: Intimacy & Chronic Illness

    Broaching the topic of sex seems less sensitive than it used to be, but to discuss it with someone who suffers from a chronic illness brings new waves of shame, anxiety and stress. How can you explain to anyone the unique struggles you and your partner face, the daily questions you ask yourself and the enormous strain it may put on one of the most seemingly natural parts of a relationship? I can’t tell you how many internet rabbit holes I went down in search of some form of advice that would tell me it gets better. I found myself face to face with countless articles that in essence commanded me to not let my chronic illness ruin my sex life.