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  • Dear Healthy Family & Friends

    Dear Healthy Friends,

    Here's what you can do for me:

    -be thankful you don't have a chronic illness.

    -be thankful you don't have to deal with pain every second of your life.

    -be thankful you don't have to choose between making breakfast and taking a shower before you leave the house..

    -be thankful you don’t have to plan your life around your physical limitations.

  • Guest Blog: Chronic Illness Life Tips

    SO IMPORTANT: Find a healthcare provider that cares and is experienced with chronic pain. Easier said than done, I know, but don't settle for a provider that doesn't care to take you seriously or care about your wellbeing. If you leave your office visit feeling like they are implying it is all in your head, never darken their door again. Advocate for yourself and find a provider that will be in your corner.
  • My Solo Trip to Thailand

    Well Warriors.... I did it. I went to a different country... a whole other continent by myself. I still can’t even believe the “solo-cation” actually happened.

         Weeks before departure time, my entire family was nervous for me; I wasn’t the least bit bothered until the day it was time for me to board. I had tears in my eyes as I was leaving my mom and headed through airport security.

         When I arrived in Bangkok and checked into my hotel, I found...

  • Seek Discomfort

         After being inspired by “Yes Theory”, a movement that encourages people to say “yes” to doing things that take them out of their comfort zone in order to grow as individuals, I decided to book a solo international trip to Thailand. Sounds crazy, right? That’s what everybody in my family is thinking... well everyone except my mom. She already knows I’m crazy lol.
  • Traveling with a Chronic Illness: Cruise Edition

    I have been traveling for longer than I can remember (almost 30 years) and have had a chronic illness for half of that time. I know first hand that traveling while fighting for your health is EXTREMELY difficult, but not impossible. It’s not like you can leave your sick body and just get a new one for your vacation. (But, that’d be AMAZING, wouldn’t it!?) So because of this, planning ahead for any trip, or for anything for that matter, is so much more important when you are chronically ill. 

         Traveling takes a lot of courage especially when you don't always feel well. People may question why we would even want to travel if we “feel that sick”. It’s why we do anything... we want to live DESPITE being sick. I KNOW that there will be consequences for pushing myself on vacay, but sometimes we have to step outside of the world of our illnesses allows and just LIVE.

         Like my previous travel blog, I will be giving you tips on how to survive a vacation, but this time, it’s the cruise edition. 


    1. Be Your Own Advocate

    You have to speak up for yourself. Only you know how you’re feeling. Make sure your cruise companions have a clear picture of what you can and cannot do to prevent any future disappointment.